Object Framing

Framed objects often become some of the most cherished of family possessions. There is usually a story behind the object that is fun to share with others who see it. Proper framing isn't just to present the item being framed, it can also help protect it.

Framed by Bart Ingraldi of Mount Laurel, NJ
Framed by Leslie O'Dell in Pullman, WA


As seen in the 2011 Framing Fashion Show!

Objects are often some of the most meaningful things you can frame. Whether you choose something passed down from an ancestor, a souvenir from a special trip, or you find something interesting at a flea market, they can all be framed to become conversation pieces in your home or office.

The main difference when framing an object versus art is to make sure you choose a frame moulding that is deep enough to contain the object, glass, backing and whatever else will go into it. Aside from that, many of the same framing materials used for anything else can be used for objects also.

As seen in the 2011 Framing Fashion Show!
These photos sit into reverse cut fillets. We used string to hang the photos, as if they were small ornaments,
to create a one-of-a-kind family tree.

As seen in the 2011 Framing Fashion Show!
Special souvenirs from a trip become a highly personalized piece of art when framed to display in your home.

As seen in the 2011 Framing Fashion Show!
Graduations aren't just from high schools or colleges. In fact, they aren't just for people! This frame pays tribute to a dog who graduated from a special training program.

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